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What kind of instrument sounds does the Eigenharp come with?

All the Eigenharp are delivered with a selection of preloaded instrument sounds. The factory setup features three samplers, two Audio Unit hosts that can play any compatible software instrument, two native EigenD instruments (physics models of a Cello and Clarinet) along with a defined MIDI output to drive any external CoreMIDI interface that you might own.

The sample players can play any Soundfont file in the open standards sf2 format. We ship the Eigenharps with some great Sounfonts including some from Sampletek, including their renowned Black Grand Steinway D in a 2 Gigabyte sample set, a Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric piano. You can download further Soundfonts from our support site an there are literally thousands or others available on the internet, both for a charge and for free. Using the CDXtract program ( you can convert easily to Soundfont format from most popular sample formats, including ESX24 in Logic, Kontact and many others.

We ship a special version of Camel Audio's Alchemy licensed specially for use with Eigenharps. This is installed in the first of our AU hosts in the factory setup and you can also use any other AU instruments that you already own and have installed.

The two native EigenD instruments use the full power of our keys in a way that MIDI and AU instruments cannot, and you will find them to be extremely expressive.